Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You Are What You Wear: Changing For The Greater Good

In an effort to clean up my act, I've started to become more conscious of all of the choices I make on a daily basis. From the food I eat to the words I say, I'm trying my best to clean up my act.

One area that is completely new to me? Fashion choices.

Now don't get me wrong - I've read about eco-conscious shopping here and there, but it's something I've put on the back burner for no good reason. Let's face it - fast fashion is cheap and easy. But is it worth it in the long-run? I don't think so.

As a longtime vegetarian, I have always strayed away from clothing made out of animal products. But what about fair trade? Eco-friendly? Sweat shops? There's so much going on out there that many of us don't know about and that can be really overwhelming to take in.

As the ongoing theme in my life right now, I say to you: "One step at a time." 

To get you (and me) started, here are a few resources I'm really digging right now:

Wear No Evil Greta Eagan knows her stuff when it comes to mindful shopping. This book lays it out for you: what goes on in the fashion industry, how to clean out your not-so-friendly closet and resources for rebuilding your wardrobe as well as your makeup drawer. Score.

The Kind Life Even though this website covers all of the bases of a vegan lifestyle, Alicia has some great articles on brands she believes in and that are doing the right thing when it come to cruelty-free style. 

Kate Fletcher is kind of amazing. Focusing on sustainability in fashion, Kate believes in using reusable and safe materials when it comes to the clothes we put on our bodies. Her book, Fashion & Sustainability. is incredibly comprehensive and educational. Did I mention she's brilliant? I highly recommend her books, articles and blog posts!

I'm hoping this is just the beginning of a happier and more harmonious relationship with my future purchases and I can't wait to slowly rebuild my closet. Stay tuned for specific product reviews in the very near future! 

Do you have any product or company recommendations for me to check out? Leave them in the comments below. 

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