Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Catch-Up: Food and lots of rain.

How was your weekend? I spent mine hiking, cooking, eating, meditating, reading and chopping off my hair. All in all, it was pretty damn lovely.

Some snapshots...

The easiest of meals: avocado toast with hot sauce, steamed broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Perfect fuel.

Mock "tuna salad" with tofu, parsley, shredded carrots, vegan mayo, dijon, salt and pepper. 

Quinoa quiche filled with veggies and tempeh bacon.

Our Valentine's Day meal: vegetable stew with rosemary dumplings and strawberry champagne. 

Rufus and I ended the weekend with a muddy, wet hike. Our park was underwater but luckily some trails were still open.  Oh, Pacific Northwest.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming week. I'm testing out a new recipe and hope to share it with all of you soon. Happy Sunday!

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