Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So, This is the New Year...

Confession time: I freaking looooooove the New Year. I love new beginnings, making new goals and feeling like I have a fresh start...even if it really is just another day.

What makes this different than the others? I'm in a really good place. Six months into 2013, I really started to kick my own ass. I hit a wall and realized I was in my own way when it came to achieving goals and dreams I've been pondering for years. It's been a slow start but I've made so much progress already.

 I'm pretty excited about the upcoming year and what it brings. Specifically, I'm really excited to build this blog. I have a lot of learning and developing to do but I just can't wait. I don't even know where I'm going to take this thing but I'm very excited about the possibilities! 

Too much pep for an after-party morning? Sorry, I'll chill out. 

I hope you stick around and join me for a really wonderful year.

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