Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Wh0le Project: Thoughts on loving the hell out of yourself.

Let me ask you a simple question: Do you like yourself? I mean...really, truly like who you are?

Before you have an existential crisis, let me explain. 

I've decided to share more of my personal story because I think it's worth sharing. In-between my posts about food and pretty things, I'd like to share a little bit about how I got to this place. It's a little bit for my own selfish cathartic purposes, but I hope it'll help someone out there as well. 

We spend too much of our lives hoping to wake up one day and be a perfect version of ourselves. Having the perfect body, the perfect wardrobe, and the perfect job. Whatever any of that means...

If we're lucky, we will figure out that all of that means nothing. If we're lucky we will one day realize that feeling "perfect" is a state of mind, something we can manifest at any given moment. Even better, we will realize that being perfect is super lame anyway. Who wants a life devoid of quirks and screw-ups, both of which help shape you into an original human being? Not me. 

This blog is about all the good stuff that comes with being an imperfect human.  You can nourish your body with love and happy thoughts just as much as you can do so with kale and all those other magical super foods. Both ends of the spectrum take discipline and presence, and it's all totally worth it. 

It's taken me my whole life to get to a point in which I feel like I belong in my own skin. How ridiculous is that? Especially as women, we are fed so much crap about how we're supposed to look and act. I won't go on a rant, but I will say that it sucks and I'm hoping we're in the midst of a big change. Have you heard? Good things are happening, folks. Care to join me?

Step one: Get comfortable sharing myself with others. It seems easy enough, right? One step at a time...

I still have a long way to go and I'm certainly not claiming that any of this is easy, but I do feel some relief in the fact that I've taken some pretty big steps in living a more settled life. All of that background noise is getting less and less prevalent in my daily life, only sneaking up on me in moments of weakness or panic. Growing up (an act that takes much longer than your 10-year-old self ever imagined) is a rough ride - it can really knock the wind out of you, over and over again.

So I'd like to share some moments that have inspired my big shift, both the "a-ha" and "oh shit" moments. Because they're equally important. Sound good?

And there's good news! You're here for a reason. And so am I. That's pretty great, right?

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