Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do What Works: Fitness

Since I touched on making my own rules in my previous post, I thought it'd be fitting to share what I'm doing specifically to stay motivated and on track.

Let's start with fitness and movement.

I've stuck with a regular fitness routine for four months now and I can honestly say that while it's been a great perk to lose weight, what I really love is how strong I feel.  I can't explain it but exercise is addicting and empowering when you do it right.

I have always loved hiking and long walks with my dog, so this is so easy for me to work into my schedule. At a minimum, I walk Rufus at least one hour a day during the work week.  We try to go on a long hike at least once during the weekend as well.  This is absolutely my happy place and never feels like actual "exercise" which makes it so great for my mind and body.

I've practiced yoga as well as pilates off and on for years.  Again, this is something I really enjoy. I love the strength and flexibility that comes with both, but discovering Tara Stiles has completely changed my outlook on yoga.  I adore her mellow attitude and find yoga so much more enjoyable thanks to her.

I try to break a SERIOUS sweat a few times a week and HIIT (high intensity interval training) works for me.  I have a total girl crush on Jillian Michaels, so she kicks my ass when I'm in the mood.

Other notables: cardio kickboxing and the barre method.  Total opposites but both work great for me.

Occasionally I will go for a run, but not too often as I have a bum knee.  Happy note: regular exercise has seriously decreased my chronic joint pain thanks to building muscles around my knee.  Score!

Obviously I like to keep things interesting.  Mixing it up keeps me excited to work out as well as relieves any pressure to stick to one program.  It's made fitness so much more enjoyable, which is exactly how you stay on track. I think the best tip I can give you is do what you like!  If a 90-day program keeps you motivated, go for it.  If you'd rather dance alone in your room to work up a sweat, do that.  If you love it, you'll stick with it.  It's that simple.


Inspiring people and programs:
Tone It Up
Tara Stiles
Jillian Michaels

Specific routines:
Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 & Extreme Shed Shred
Tara Stiles This Is Yoga
Tracey Anderson Method and Metamorphosis

Random favorites:
Kickbox Yoga Infusion
Pilates and Yoga Mix
Yoga Shakti

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