Thursday, September 19, 2013

For a moment, in the moment.

Making : a mess. So much cooking and cleaning and rearranging going on in my home. It feels great, but man is it a process.
Cooking : 
some really wonderful and wholesome food! Last night I threw together some steamed veggies, quinoa and kale with tahini. And tonight? Curry tofu tacos with pinto beans and kale slaw via!
Drinking : loads of water and hazelnut coffee.
Reading: Eleanor & Park - a book about young love, mix tapes, and comic books? I'm one pleased reader.
Wanting: THIS floral camo jacket is such a great mix of feminine and masculine. Why is it always sold out in my size???
Looking: at the tv. The boyfriend and I have been loving Dexter, Breaking Bad, Newsroom, New Girl (is back!), and Sons of Anarchy the past few weeks.
Playing: games on I can feel my brain getting bigger...or something.
Wasting: time on my days off doing a whole lot of nothing.There's nothing I love more than hiking with my dog and catching up on new movies during my day off. In between loads of laundry, of course.
Sewing: one day...
Wishing: I knew what I wanted to do with my life in the immediate future. Grad school? Opening my own business? Or something else completely different?
Enjoying: the last of the sunshine for awhile. In case you didn't know, things can get pretty dark and dreary here in the Pacific Northwest during the colder months.
Waiting: to visit my friends and family back home!
Liking: breaking a sweat on a regular basis. It's been so fun to find out which activities keep me interested and working out. Feeling yourself get stronger is pretty awesome as well.
Wondering: how hard would it be to start writing that book?
Loving: my dog! It sounds so nerdy, but our bond has only grown stronger over the past year. If you've never rescued a dog, do yourself a favor and find out how great that feeling can be.
Hoping: everyone misses me as much as I miss them.
Marveling: at how beautiful this part of the country is. I can't wait for the leaves to start changing colors!
Needing: a pumpkin spice latte. Tomorrow morning, me and that delicious beverage have a hot date.
Smelling: The new Marc Jacobs Honey perfume. In love.
Wearing: lots of boyfriend jeans and easy t's.
Following: a bunch of inspiring people on Instagram - some foodies, some fashion bloggers, inspiring everyday people and even a few rad celebs.
Noticing: how much I miss photography.
Knowing: I'm in a pretty good place right now.
Thinking: I love this season!
Feeling: content.
Bookmarking: and drooling.
Opening: at work a lot. I do a 6:30 shift and I kind of love the quiet mornings with a cup of coffee to keep me company.
Giggling: New Girl. I adore every boy on that show in a very awkward way...

*inspired by The Daybook

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